Building Equity into the Scholarly Communications Infrastructure — 2021 OA Week

Oct 12, 2021 · Robin N Sinn, Director of Collections & Open Strategies

Scholarly publishing—the production of journals and books—is a large industry with many universities, scholarly societies, and nonprofit and for-profit publishers involved. The groups with the most money and influence in this system favor research initiatives and academics from the Global North (primarily North America and Europe). Their editorial boards, editors, publishers, peer reviewers (who decide who and what is published) and librarians (who decide what is purchased) are generally products of western higher education and historically-created systems that privilege research and researchers that share the same background. Scholarly publishing is also a majority white industry whose gatekeepers have often been white men.  

Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Communication (C4DISC) is an effort to invite a broader range of individuals to participate in and enlarge the scholarly communications community and its practices. Their Joint Statement of Principles  makes it clear that publishers must commit leadership, time, and resources to accomplishing this mission. As a C4DISC partner the University Library is supporting this important work and committing to advancing these goals.

C4DISC offers a number of helpful resources for organizations working to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

–Robin N Sinn, Director of Collections & Open Strategies