University Library signs COAR's response to "Data Repository Selection: Criteria that Matter"

Jan 22, 2021 · Megan O'Donnell

The Iowa State University Library has signed on in support of the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR)'s response to the Data Repository Selection: Criteria that Matter initiative. This response addresses the concern that the Criteria that Matter guidelines put the interests of journals and publishers before those of authors and the institutions that own and manage data. As the COAR response states, it's also apparent that the group who wrote the criteria either did not know, or intentionally crafted, a set of criteria that favors large, often commercial platforms which puts authors without access to these platforms at a significent disadvantage. 

Iowa State University Library is the first, but hopefully not the last, U.S. library to sign on to the response. 

Questions related to the Iowa State University Library’s support for open data and data repositories can be addressed to: Megan O'Donnell, Data Services Librarian: