Open Access

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Even the best ideas remain just that until they are shared and can be utilized by others. The more people that can access and build upon the latest research, the more valuable that research becomes and the more likely we are to benefit as a society.

- Open Access, SPARC

Support for Authors

The University Library offers support for users interested in publishing their research openly. To learn more about our agreements to cover your publishing fees, visit our OA Agreements page. 

Digital Repository

The ISU Digital Repository can house archival, open access copies of scholarly works such as articles and conference proceedings or original creative works, such as posters and student projects. Learn more about the DR on our Digital Repository page.

Open Access at ISU

The Iowa State University Library is proud to support Open Access in multiple ways, through our publishing services, memberships, and more. On our Principles and Strategies page, we outline some of the ways the University library works to advance open science and scholarship.