Iowa State University's DataShare provides free and open access to research data produced by Iowa State. The repository is administered by the University Library in partnership with Office of the Vice President of Research and Information Technology.

More details about DataShare are available here.

Why publish with DataShare?


Users discover your data published on DataShare through Google, library searches, and other search engines.

Stable and citable

All datasets in DataShare are assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) which is a unique string of text and numbers that will link to your dataset no matter how many upgrades or server changes the repository goes through. Furthermore, DataShare is managed and mantained by the University Library which is dedicated to supporting and preserving the research and scholarship of the university.


All data in DataShare is examined by a librarian before it's published. This step takes a little bit of extra time but it's worth it as it: librarians will help you correct errors and create documentation to ensure your data can be found, preserved, and reused.

Start the process

The DataShare workflow consists of 5 major steps:

  1. Contact the Library:
  2. Complete a Data Set Disclosure Form.
  3. Upload and describe your data in DataShare
  4. Curation review (and revisions, if needed).
  5. Publication.

The first time you use DataShare you will need to activate your account. This takes place between steps 2 and 3.