Open Access Publishing Discounts and Agreements

The Iowa State University Library is interested in making Open Access publishing as easy as possible for our authors. To that end, the information below provides an overview of the arrangements by which open access article processing charges (APCs) are covered or reduced thanks to the University Library’s support.

For a step-by-step process for making your work open, review the university library’s Open Access Publishing How-To Guide.

Open Access Agreements

Under these agreements, all article processing charges (APCs) are covered by the University Library.

Agreements Currently in Place
PublisherEntitled AuthorsPubications
CopernicusISU Corresponding AuthorAll Copernicus journals
De GruyterISU Corresponding AuthorAll De Gruyter journals and book chapters
FrontiersISU Corresponding AuthorAll Frontiers journals
Open Library of Humanities1All AuthorsAll OLH publications
Public Library of Science (PLoS)ISU Corresponding AuthorAll PLoS journals
Punctum Books2All AuthorsAll Punctum publications
Royal Society of ChemistryISU Corresponding AuthorAll RSC journals

1Open Library of Humanities publications are open access without any publishing fees because their operating costs are covered by a membership model. ISU library is proud to support OLH and their mission to make Open Access publishing easy and affordable for authors.

2Similar to OLH, Punctum publishes all of its open access works free of charge. Iowa State University Library is proud to support Punctum's mission to provide free open access publishing services through their Library Membership Program


Open Access Publishing Discounts

Thanks to memberships or agreements with these publishers, a portion of the article processing charges (APCs) for open access are covered by the ISU Library

Discounts Currently in Place
PublisherEntitled AuthorsDiscountPublications
American Chemical Society (ACS)ISU Corresponding Author25%3All ACS journals
De GruyterISU Corresponding Author15%4DG monograph publishing
LuminosISU Corresponding Author10%All Luminos monograph publishing
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)ISU Corresponding Author10%All MDPI journals
Nucleic Acids ResearchISU Corresponding Author50%5Nucleic Acids Research
The Royal SocietyISU Corresponding Author25%All Royal Society journals

3This discount stacks with personal ACS membership discounts.

4This discount applies to full open access monographs. The APCs for book chapters are covered in full (see OA agreement table above).

5You must access the NAR system using an institutional computer within the IP range registered by Iowa State for their system to recognize our membership and charge the member price upon your article's acceptance.


ISU Open Access Subvention Grant

An internal funding opportunity to partially cover the cost of publishing open access is available to full-time faculty and P&S staff at rank 37 or higher. The grant, Part A of the Publication Subvention Grant, covers half of the cost of an Article Processing Charge (APC) up to $1,250.

See the Publication Subvention Grants section of GrantsHub’s Internal Funding website for more details or to apply.

This grant is funded through a partnership between the University Library and the Office of the Vice President for Research.